Boys Can Wear Pink: Season 3

Boys Can Wear Pink: Season 3

They can wear pink, and they do!  Pink’s just a shade!  Ain’t no thing. 😉 I love a little pop of color on my fellas, and pink is just as good as any other!

For this year’s Boys Can Wear Pink tour, I came up with this idea…  I was thinking about like common phrases having to do with love and emotion and a little Valentine’s Day.  I stumbled upon “He wears his heart on his sleeve…”  And here we are!  Literally.  He’s wearing his heart on his sleeve. Ha!

*Disclaimer: I mean, I’ve made at least a quarter-million raglans in my day, and I didn’t think I could wonk one up?  But it seems to have happened.  I can’t decide if it’s because my little dude has such incredibly squared shoulders, if he’s standing weird because it’s cold, or if there’s something else… Anyway, we were fresh out of time for problem solving before these pics, so you’ll have to forgive that little detail while you scope this out. 😉 I’m going to have to fix it before Valentine’s Day next week, though!

I have to say… I’m pretty proud of this concept.  And from the beginning, Cade was completely on board and really excited about it.  The anatomical heart just speaks so loudly to my little dude’s literal and intellectual way.  It’s perfect!

So, despite our shoulder issue, this is probably one of my favorite ideas I’ve had for him.  And the Boys Can Wear Pink tour was the perfect place to show it off!  I used the (affiliate link) Jolly Roger Raglan by Patterns for Pirates, and the super cool heart fabric is a custom print from The Fabric Snob.

He was chillllllly.  It was only 10 degrees, and with the windchill, probably even colder.  He’s such a pro, though.  I took 23 frames (with his siblings, it’s like a hundred at least!) and he was great in all of them. He got a mug of hot cocoa and an extra snack as a reward.  Plus some mono-y-mono time with his mama. Okay, that last part is probably more for me than him… but still.  😉  I sure love my baby Cade. <3

This year’s BCWP tour has an awesome giveaway, too!  Be sure you check out the posts from earlier in the week, too.  These ladies are so inspiring and talented! <3


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Prizes: (bundles excluded)

Issue of choice from One Thimble
Pattern of choice from Swoodson Says
Pattern of choice from Mummykins and Me
Pattern of choice from Handmaiden’s Cottage
$20 credit for Patterns for Pirates
$20 gift certificate to Mabel Madison


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3 thoughts on “Boys Can Wear Pink: Season 3

  1. This is just so handsome and what a boy-way it is to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the heart on his sleeve! Love this! I didn’t even notice the little neckline gap, but it’s probably his wide shoulders and standing with his hands in his pocket. His entire outfit is JCrew worthy, or better than JCrew! So on-point and his great smile just makes the photo!

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