Sew Americana Blog Tour

Sew Americana Blog Tour

So, admittedly, I’m a procrastinator slash chronic over-scheduler.  Even when I have a bajillion things going on, I’m almost positive I can take on 2 1/2  more.  Preparing for the Sew Americana blog tour was no different!  Ha!  We left home last week to spend a week-ish at my mom/dad’s and inlaws’ houses.  I had all the good intentions of having this project made, photographed and blogged before we left, but you know… time…  Then, I forgot my fabrics that I was going to use!  Gah!  Luckily for me, my mom has scads of fabric and is an avid quilter.  Mama to the rescue!

As we started sifting through her totes of fabric, we came across the quilt scraps and remnants box that my mom inherited from my Great-Grandma Hannah.  Great-Grandma passed away at age 99 after a lifetime of sewing and making EVERYTHING ::: quilts, mittens (sewn, knitted and crocheted), men’s clothes, women’s clothes, barbie clothes… You name it.  Needless to say, there is a LOT of really fantastic (and occasionally really horrid) fabric in that box!  I was squealing and dancing around and hugging fabrics as Mom was handing them to me.  My mind was reeling with ideas for this tour (and about eleventy-seven other things!)  I love heritage type projects, and couldn’t wait to conquer these!

We made our way through a few of these boxes and I started pairing fabrics together for my project.  I have a really hard time with just making ONE of something, so naturally, I settled on two.  I pulled delicious, unique, precious, vintage fabrics to make two Lauren Dresses (by Violette Field Threads) with pintucks for my sweet Nevey girl.

So here you have it!  This one was made with what appeared to be a bedsheet from some long-past decade.  I love the heathered look of the stripes, and it was red, white and blue!  How perfect!  The skirt is made with an oooooold lace, and lined with muslin.  It was hard to capture the gorgeousness of the white fabric, but it’s beautiful, I promise. 🙂  I even pulled the buttons from Great-Grandma’s button tin, in keeping with the heritage feel of the project!  I’m obsessed.


For the second dress, I went with a more 4-Hish type look.  Kitchy.  Farmy. Americana.  🙂  I fell in love with this pantry fabric of my mom’s and then paired it with an ooooold denim from Great-Grandma’s stash and the remnants of the lace from the first dress.  I finished it off with more vintage buttons, and again… am obsessed.


And now for my baby girl and her modeled photos!  I am so excited about the location we found for these!  Way up North in my parents’ teeny town, there are these little buildings behind the Historical Society.  They.were.perfection.  I want to make Neve and maybe even the boys a hundred outfits to model next to these buildings by the next time we come up here, just to show them off!  Such cool history.  And, perfectly on point for this project.  Yay!

IMG_1481 IMG_1427

This awesomely weird tilting cabin was probably my favorite.  My only regret is that I didn’t make Nevey kick off her shoes!  Or that I didn’t bring better shoes than her Keens or flipflops on this trip.  Dang!


IMG_1441 IMG_1443

Oooooh, she’s soooo pretty. <3  I really need to know how old this buggy is.  There is so much history here!


I love this little baby.  <3


She’s investigating the old prison building.


That deep, gorgeous red red wall.  #allthehearteyes

IMG_1509 IMG_1495

She was so interested in the wheat fields.  We spent most of the time asking and answering questions back and forth. <3


It’s in the details. <3


Nevey wanted me to take a picture of her “breaking out” of the jail. 😉

IMG_1522 IMG_1526

And there it is!  My Sew Americana blog contribution.  I had so much fun with this project!  Thank you so much to Katy from Handmade Escapade for hosting the tour!

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(All created by your tour guide, Katy, from Wild & Wanderful.)


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10 thoughts on “Sew Americana Blog Tour

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  2. Both of these dresses are perfectly adorable. The sound like they wI’ll be treasured garments. I love your photoshoot spot. Old buildings are the best! I look foreward to seeing more from there.

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  5. What a sweet treasured memory! I was searching for a hand sewing needle the other day (I can never find them). I then remembered that Grandma’s embroidery box (which I rarely raid) probably had one. I looked up and said, “Thanks, Grandma!”

    I love the look you went for with your prints!

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  7. Oh my gosh, Danielle! The fabrics and the history behind them are almost better than the dresses themselves. So awesome you got to dig through a stash like that. These are precious and your little babe is such a babe! (Takes after Momma!)

  8. I’m so happy you lived the projects, dear! Great Grandma Hannah would have been proud, too! You do beautiful work!

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